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An index of United States patents issued to individuals residing in Indian and Oklahoma territory
1880 - 1907

Indian and Oklahoma territory to statehood

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About the Database

The Oklahoma Inventors database lists the patents issued to individuals residing in Indian and Oklahoma Territory during the period from 1880 to 1907. Searchers are able to link to copies of the patents by name of inventor, patent number, year of issue, or place of residence. The database is an aid to patent searchers as well as those interested in Oklahoma history.

The research conducted has shown that during its territorial period, Oklahoma had an inventive population with over 1,000 patents ranging in scope from agricultural implements to airplane design. The inventive spirit of the new state included both sexes and represented both the urban and rural areas of the state.

The database was created using a template developed by Dawn Rohan and Desiree Saunders at the Wyoming State Library. Their work has enabled OSU and other patent depository libraries to readily display and search patents for our states compiled from paper publications. For each year of the database, volumes of the Official Gazette of the U.S. Patent Office were searched for patents issued to inventors in Indian and Oklahoma territory using the Contents section at the beginning of each issue. Each weekly issued was scanned to match the number indicated in the Contents. The patent number was recorded and the patent printed. OSU also purchased a subscription to U.S. Patents 1836 - present. The database was searched by year and keywords to identify Oklahoma patents. Results from the Gazette and the database were compared to produce the most accurate results. Patents were entered into to an Excel file by year in order to be viewed online.

Patents show in the banner from left to right:
Fence Post. U.S. Patent 812,141, February 6, 1906.
Knotter for Harvesters. U.S. Patent 873,158, December 10, 1907.
Weighing Attachment for Wagons. U.S. Patent 835,203, November 6, 1906.
Coin Controlled Parking Meter. Famous Oklahoma patent. U.S. Patent 2,118,318, May 24, 1938.